First off, I’m honored that you are interested in one of my true loves; sharing health and nutrition with my local community and helping people move towards a healthy lifestyle.  Born and raised in CA, and attending college in Arizona, I eventually made my way to Salt Lake City through professional opportunities.  Never did I think that I would establish myself in the local community and call this home.

About 4 yrs. ago, through making some much needed lifestyle changes, education and pure curiosity, I set out on a journey towards optimal health.  This journey continues today.  Something that began as a health move has turned in to the greatest passion in my life.  And now, I want to share my creativity and passion with you.

Over the last 2 yrs., I have made over 3,500 (and counting) smoothies for friends, family, co-workers and myself to much delight.  The response was so great I thought, “Why don’t I offer this to more people?”  Especially those that want to start their day with a nutritional bang but just cannot find the time to experiment with flavors, prep, blend and get out the door to make it to work in time, drop the kids at school or any of the other things we are responsible for in the morning.  Believe me; it takes time and a lot of effort to do this.

As a result, Smoothie SLC was born.





  1. 86futzer@gmail.com

    So, you are reading this, you want to eat healthier, and your saying, I am soooo busy, this is hard. Let me tell you my story that starts that way. I heard about Nate on I am Salt Lake podcast, and at first I thought interesting, but how will that fit my schedule, I don’t work at the same place every day. I repair and install multi-million dollar Healthcare diagnostic machines. My schedule is never one I can plan anything on. I see everyday the results of bad health from every issue there is. My job is 24x7x365X10, and you ask by what x10 means, It means every hour of every day, my schedule can totally change in 10 minutes based on what equipment is down, or politics, or any number of things. My easy week is 50 hours, my bad weeks are 1oo+ hours I got into a bad fast food habit and even at 6 feet 2 inches, gained to 260 pounds. I’ll get started with an exercise routine and a few weeks later, have a tough week and there goes my program. So when I listened to Nate, something with his experience, and his business plan spoke to me to try it. I know that a calorie is a calorie, whether fat or lean etc. What that misses is, the nutrient level of what you eat. Now that said, I am a fabulous home cook, maybe gourmet on occasion, so I love food. I am lucky to be able to enjoy many fine foods, regularly. I guess I am trying to say, I work so much, that every chance to eat becomes a reward, and a full stomach is a great win. If I fill that with bad choices, my brain feels sort of better, but my body lacks energy and got fat. I have done caffeine, lean protein, etc, but my time is soo short bad habits are my end result. This all said, I started doing a tread mill about 3 months ago, It helped, but I plateaued at 234 ish pounds, and I have not been under 230 in 20 ish years. Currently I am 51 years old. I have been on Nate’s program 3 weeks, which he picks my daily smoothe, It is easier for me to let him choose. One, all have been delicious, Two, I don’t have to plan that meal, so it is easy. Three: I know that he has packed it full of good things, nutrients and stuff that will make me healthier. And Nate delivers, for the price of a gourmet coffee. I still eat what I like, even many indulgences. I try to do more salad for lunch, and a bit less quantity for dinner. I lost some weight, and every day I feel better, I don’t crash after lunch. I know this sounds too good, but it is now something I believe in and found easy to practice daily. Again Nate delivers, he uses mason glass jars so there is little waste to our environment. Did I say Nate delivers, and he will set me up with a pick up site when needed to fit My schedule. Give SmootheSLC a try, I have been amazed, and feel much better about my nutrition. If you don’t believe me, feel free to message me at 86futzer@gmail.com. I will send you my cell #, we can chat and you can ask anything. .

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